Could Lorazepam cause Hair loss

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Lorazepam hair loss
Could Lorazepam cause Hair loss

tan (4 months ago):

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Reply. I always had and still have very thick healthy hair.I noticed two years ago after starting on Armour thyroid and Lorazepam also I started using a natural biodentical progesterone cream that slowly I noticed my hair was thinning out in my bang area along with the temple area.

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Lorazepam ( latest outcomes from 47,065 users ) has active ingredients of lorazepam. It is often used in stress and anxiety.

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Lorazepam is used in : Stress and anxiety Generalized anxiety disorder Insomnia Panic disorder Sleep disorder.

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I took it foe a year. Do you people know if it is scarring hair loss or reversible hair loss? Im a female and i am 28 years old. Reply the comment. I have been off for 3 months and no hair regrowth yet. I have lost hair much severe from lorzapam.

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We study 45,072 people who have side effects while taking Lorazepam from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, when they have Hair loss and more. Among them, 368 have Hair loss.

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Hair Loss in Stress And Anxiety (512 reports) Hair Loss in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (50 reports) Hair Loss in Insomnia (347 reports) Hair Loss in Panic Disorder (64 reports) Hair Loss in Sleep Disorder (202 reports).

Hair loss ( latest reports from 229,047 patients ) has been reported by people with high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, depression.

Naprosyn, Vicodin, Ativan and Prilosec are taken only on an as needed basis. 5 inches. The though the medications may not compley rid me of a symptom (for example, depression or muscle pain), they do improve my condition enough to warrant their continued use. Reply. The gum irritation comes and goes as does the severity of the other oral pain I experience. The oral issues I'm having all began around the same time in the last year. I'm much better off taking them than not. My hair loss I can describe as severe as it can be without having visible bald spots. I can no longer use adult toothpaste because the minty flavors are so provinces as to cause pain. Whereas I once had unusually thick hair (a ponytail of around 1.5 inches), I have lost so much that my ponytail now measures about. Some of my symptoms are intermittent, and some are chronic. I first noticed a sensitivity for spicy food I had never experienced.

tan on Jul, 13, 2014:

On Oct, 13, 2014: 45,056 people reported to have side effects when taking Lorazepam. Among them, 368 people (0.82%) have Hair Loss.

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On eHealthMe, Lorazepam (lorazepam) is often used for stress and anxiety. Find out below the conditions Lorazepam is used for, how effective it is, and any alternative drugs that you can use to treat those same conditions.

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Lorazepam alternatives : Stress and anxiety (147 drugs) Generalized anxiety disorder (91 drugs) Insomnia (100 drugs) Panic disorder (48 drugs) Sleep disorder (78 drugs).

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Do you people know if it is scarring hair loss or reversible hair loss? Im a female and i am 28 years old. I took it foe a year. I have lost hair much severe from lorzapam. I have been off for 3 months and no hair regrowth yet. Reply.

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Lorazepam hair loss