Change from Venlaine capsules to tablets.Thread discussing

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Venlafaxine tablets
Change from Venlaine capsules to tablets.Thread discussing

Can you elaborate on your experience, please? Exactly what was different? Thanks N.

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q Coming off Antidepressants b Venlaine.

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If you exprience problems when switching from capsules to tablets, it is because have of the time you are techinically in \"withdrawal\" or discontinuation syndrome state whichi is very destabilising. A swith from capsules to tablets and vice versa therefore from a pharmacological perspective is the same as a change in dosis of your medication. l you doctor and make very sure that you are carefully monitored when reducing and stop taking these medications. This means that you are probably going to experience significant discontinuation syndrome when you try to stop taking these medications. And you will experience the exact same problems people experience when their dosis is suddenly increased or decrease. Also educate yourself very well on the withdrawal symptoms of venlaine before you lower you dosis and stop taking the medication. So PLEASE be warned.

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Has anyone else experienced this? Is the tablet form cheaper than the capsule form? I've never had any problem with the various generic capsules since the patent lapsed. This totally unexpected change to tablet form after almost seven years on capsules makes no sense unless it is a cost saving exercise. Any ideas.?.

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I put my prescription into my usual pharmacy, but when i got home found i had tablets, a phone call to the pharmacy reasured me that all was well and i would find no difference. I had Venlalic XL 150mgtablets and it took just a few days for me to start feel lower, i put it down to the change.but it got worse! Worse insomnia and feeling really low and anxious so i contated my gp he gave me a new prescription.but when i went to the pharmacy and said i need the capsules they said they were now getting the tablets instead, they were exactly the same, so i would begetting them instead. I was left with the option of the tablets, no tablets, so stuck with the tablets,a week later i tried again at my local pharmacy and the y had the capsules, but since i have not felt the same help from them as before the tablets.so now i feel i needtolook again at my anti -depressants as i spend every day in bed unless it is essential i leave the house!. I took my prescription to 5 different pharmacies in my town only to be told they only had the tablet form. having changed from escitalopram (cipralex) to 150mg XL slow release capsules of venlaine about 15 months ago ihad found they did help with my depression symptoms.

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My sleep has been very poor, with a lot of restlessness and even a nightmare! This has all been topped of by feeling very low. I have had headaches, which I rarely get, and a constant underlying feeling of nausea.

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Please check that you are being prescribed the right form of venlaine the right way. In addition the maximum daily dosis for the tablets are 375mg given in two dosis while the maximum daily dosis for the capsules or slow release form is 225mg once a day. If you doctor or pharmacist disagrees with you simply l them to check their BNF (British national formularly) guidebook on this matter.

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If you are experiencing difficulties due to a change in tablet/capsule from this is as a result of what they call activation or withdrawal i.e. taking a larger than usual dose.

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For instance Venlaine causes memory loss in about 40% of people taking it in the long term. In addition you brain adapts to these medications, neuroadaption, I you end up being compley fucked up for the rest of your life as a result of this. Whatever your problems may be Venlaine is not going to solve them and will only give you more problems in the long run. Venlaine has compley ruined my life and I would recommend that anyone stops taking it as soon as possible.

every 24 hours. The half life of the active metabolite in the tablet from is +|- 12 hours and as a result it is recommended that you normally take the tablets in twice a day.i.e. every 12 hours. l you precribing doctors to check the use and dosage instructions very carefully between the tablet form and the slow release form. However most doctors are totally clueless about this difference. The half life of the active metabolite in the capsules is +\- 24 hours and therefore it is recommended that you take only one dosis a day i.e. This is due to the half life of the capsules being extended. Half life being the time it takes to eliminate half of the medication out of your system. There is a fundamental difference between Venlaine tablets and Venlaine slow release from or XR.

I have been on the XL capsules for many years and last summer managed to reduce my intake to 150mg from the 225mg. All was well and I was looking forward to further reducing my intake over this spring and summer.

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I found myself with the tablet form of venlaine a couple of months ago.

I think it may just depend on the individual though and which symtoms are being treated.

I've been taking 75mg capsules and have just been put up to. Ok, thanks.

So, I'll be interested to see if they returns since taking the tablet form. Nightmares have been a problem that have been solved since being on the capsules, though. 150mg tablets.

The pharmacist is attaching a note to my repeat prescription and I have contacted my doctor's to request capsules. However, I was given the tablet form on my last prescription and the past month has been horrendous.

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Can you elaborate on your experience, please? Exactly what was different? Thanks N.

Thank you for responding.

Venlafaxine tablets