Consumer reports tablet computers

Tablet computers, Consumer Reports - Consumer Reports Online

09:19 | Author: Christina Harris

Consumer reports tablet computers
Tablet computers, Consumer Reports - Consumer Reports Online

Consumer Reports has begun testing new tablet computers. Read on to find out which ones are being tested and how they stack up against the iPad.

The displays also had at least some bluish cast. Images on the five other tablets below didn't wash out or darken when viewed from the sides in landscape mode, but they did in portrait mode, making for a slightly different view even between left and right eyes.

A tablet display's shape is as important as its size. In landscape (horizontal) mode, most have the short, wide shape of a digital TV. The iPad 2's display is squarer, similar to a traditional TV's.

The iPad 2, which we couldn't buy in time to test for this report, has no flash slot or USB port.

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Buy Tablets Helpful information from Consumer Reports

07:22 | Author: Evan Martin

Consumer reports tablet computers
Buy Tablets Helpful information from Consumer Reports

Before you buy a Tablet, compare prices and merchants with Consumer Reports. Sexual Health · Home > Electronics & computers > Tablets > Buy a Tablet.

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Best Tablets - Tablet Computer Reviews

05:17 | Author: Kate Thompson

Consumer reports tablet computers
Best Tablets - Tablet Computer Reviews

What size tablet is right for you, and should you go with Android, Windows or Apple? Editors examine expert and user reviews and report on the choices.

See our full review. Instead it packs all the performance of the Air in a tablet that's more portable still. Unlike the first-generation Apple mini, this is not a crippled tablet using generations-old technology. Though the resolution of the Retina display is challenged by some Android competitors, it's still one of the best around. Like the Air, the selection of tablet-specific apps is unsurpassed. Those who want the fit, finish and performance of an Apple iPad Air but in a smaller tablet will be thrilled with the Apple mini with Retina Display.

$230 and up) and other Android slates.

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Types of Tablet Computers - Slate vs. Convertible

03:36 | Author: Devin Garcia

Consumer reports tablet computers
Types of Tablet Computers - Slate vs. Convertible

Buyers today face a confusing landscape with tablet computer choices segmented and initial reports say that it fixes the shortcomings of the initial iPad mini.

The key difference is that while Windows 8 slates can run any program that works under Windows, Windows RT slates -- such as the Microsoft Surface 2 -- can only run apps available in the Windows app store. Most convertible tablets are powered by In processors and run the full Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system. These convertible tablets are covered in our report on laptops and cheap laptops. Lower-powered Windows slates that use ARM or similar processors are also available. These run a less robust version of Windows, called Windows RT.

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Just in time for Christmas, Consumer Reports lists best, worst tablets

01:35 | Author: Kate Thompson

Consumer reports tablet computers
Just in time for Christmas, Consumer Reports lists best, worst tablets

Just in time for Christmas, a new report is out to show consumers The hottest gift this Christmas will be tablet computers and there are a.

The Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation 16-gig Wi-Fi only also scored well among tablets with 7-inch screens. It costs just $230.

The iPad Air with 4G earned Consumer Reports' highest score for any tablet ever. But it is not cheap. It starts at $629, and at $500 for Wi-Fi only.

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And Consumer Reports loved the iPad Air.

"You push a button, and up pops a live tech-support person who can help you out with any question you have about the tablet right then and there," said Consumer Reports' Donna Tapellini.

If you are having trouble sorting out the options among the 100 tablets available, you are in luck. Tablet computers are everywhere you look and on the top of the Christmas wish list.

The highest-rated 7-inch Wi-Fi only tablet is the Galaxy Note 8.0 with 16 gigs; it costs $380.

Consumer Reports say the tablet with their highest rating at the lowest cost is the $23 Kindle Fire HDX Wi-Fi only.

This is the only place you'll see the breakdown of Consumer Reports tablet tests, and surprise, Apple does not hold the top spot across the entire tablet spectrum.

But add 4G and Apple gets the top score among 7-inch tablets. The Apple iPad mini 4G with 16 gigs costs $430.

"Even though Apple made the iPad Air thinner and lighter, they didn't sacrifice screen quality at all. This screen looks just as good as the screen on the iPad 4," Tapellini said.

The 16-gig version costs $500. Consumer Reports also gave top ratings to the Galaxy Note 8.0, 4G.

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