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What is product information
Product Information Management Informatica

Retailers and distributors optimize der supply chain costs when onboarding new suppliers and catalogs. Experience significantly faster product launches with high quality data when time is saved when adding large numbers of catalog data with large assortments.

In terms of classifications & standards: Informatica offers the ideal solution – whether you use GS1 (GPC), eCl@ss, ETIM, UNSPSC or your own internal taxonomies and naming conventions for items, features and references.

Use PIM to supercharge your SEO.

How the distributor’s long tail strategy makes shopping easy for customers.

Therefore, the harmony and classification of the data became of utmost importance for us." Marco Walther, E-Business Leader at ZITEC. "Every supplier has their own perspective on their product data. It can be, for example, that some manufacturers use compley different symbols than others.

Informatica PIM - Web is a lightweight web application for data mastering in Informatica PIM. Thanks to the large group of possible users, including product managers, sales and marketing staff, text creators and translators, or graphic designers, it facilitates a collaborative approach as part of company-wide involvement in the PIM process.

Why your CRM only solves half the personalization equation.

Designed to establish data stewardship and data governance programs, it enables companies to implement consistent, re-usable and automated data quality processes for product data, throughout the entire data life cycle. Informatica PIM - Data Quality delivers an integrated solution, designed for managing data quality of product and supplier data, including the support for data integration, data profiling and data governance. Companies can rapidly assess data quality statements and provides detailed data quality analyses.

Why they invest in PIM.

Business Process Management: Informatica PIM ensures that the right information gets to the right employees and departments – simply and smartly with web access.

Hear from product managers how the latest PIM version enables real-time commerce.

The Quality Dashboard provides a quick overview of the data quality as per product, category or with the possibility of a channel specific drill down in Informatica PIM.

5 strategies for making the most of PIM and delighting customers.

With Informatica PIM - Data Quality, users can ensure data quality and channel consistency when importing and syndicating master data from external systems into Informatica Product Information Management (PIM). User can syndicate supplier catalog data and validate data to guarantee that all product attributes are clean and correct.

The Forrester WaveTM: Product Information Management (PIM), Q2 2014 names Informatica PIM as one of the leading solutions on the market.

The web-based supplier portal makes it easy for suppliers to make new assortments or updates available using self-service functions.

"We are now available to our customers anytime and anywhere."“The entire Bouwmaat catalog containing 12,000 items is available on our online store, in addition to our 46 branch outlets" Bernard Verburg, Director of Bouwmaat Nederland.

Automated & assured Data Quality along all product information processes.

Whether the file is CSV, Excel, XML, image, video, or data, Informatica PIM performs the import of these formats together in a single step to ensure deep integration into your processes and systems. The supplier portal is easy to use and tailored to each user and their role.

How PIM helps your customers buy from you.

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Why product information silos kill your margins.

Whether you are using your own ecommerce solution, one of the leading systems on the market, or a platform-based commerce channel like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook, users can integrate and export customized product data to their existing ecommerce platform that is tailored to meet the requirements of the chosen channel.

Informatica PIM offers an integrated process that provides a high degree of automation and self-services for suppliers and end users in a single solution. This process significantly reduces time and costs for the integration of suppliers in the company while increasing the quality of data.

It enables companies in providing better visibility of their business as it relates to product innovation and management across the enterprise thereby improving time to market, cut down silos, optimize processes where applicable. The integration of Informatica PIM with Informatica BPM is tackling the issue of blending the defined business process within PIM as part of the enterprise Business process for supplier management, new product introduction and onboarding, product maintenance, marketing and price management to name a few.

Learn how building supplier Bouwmaat used Informatica PIM to execute on its vision to "build everything smarter".

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Why PIM fosters cross-departmental collaboration.

Product Information Malpractice: The single biggest threat to omnichannel commerce from Informatica Corporation.

When returns kill margins.

Informatica PIM Multichannel Print Integration supports your individual print publishing strategy whether it be a large catalog, standardized price list, or creative brochure.

Data templates for IBM WebSphere Commerce, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Demandware, Oxide Sales, e-Spirit and Intershop.

This enables cost efficient communication in a central location between suppliers and Informatica PIM. Suppliers can easily make their catalog data available independently via internet using a new Facebook-like user interface.

"Informatica PIM is key component on transformation from a product centric view to a consumer experience driven marketing with more efficiency. " Heather Hanson – Global Head of Marketing Technology – Electrolux.

Fit for Commerce on delivering consistency and personalization in omnichannel retail.

It connects the product information of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, service providers, and customers to ensure that the right information gets to the right people within their prospective departments. Informatica PIM offers a supplier portal and import processes for the integration of supplier catalogs or other systems.

Product Information can be easily previewed and approved, for example, for the different output channels. The search result can be refined via facets and attributes. The new PIM Web Search offers full-text search functionality.

What customers are saying about Informatica PIM.

What customers are saying about Informatica PIM.

What customers are saying about Informatica PIM.

Informatica Product Information Management (PIM) is the central master data platform for omnichannel commerce. Our solution enables retailers, distributors and manufactures to centrally manage all of their product data in order to create a consistent experience across all distribution channels.

Informatica Product Information Management (PIM) gives you the ability to offer the right product at the right place, at the right time. Informatica PIM offers access to all sales and marketing channels based on high quality data. With its integrated SEO capabilities PIM also helps to increase the visibility of your products in all of your online channels.

Ventana Research on the top 5 reasons your business needs PIM.

The upload wizard guides suppliers step-by-step through the upload progress.

Everything you need to know about PIM.

How information drives purchase – for one man and his bike.

But cleansing product data alone isn't the answer— retailers, distributors, and CPG manufacturers need a comprehensive solution that covers much more. In omnichannel commerce, poor data quality leads to inefficient internal processes and missed sales revenues. Informatica PIM (Product Information Management) meets this need by combining product information management with robust capabilities in data integration and governance. As a single repository of all product data for distribution in all sales channels, Informatica PIM provides a cohesive, centralized platform for all channel commerce.

“Through Informatica PIM we’ve eliminated product management as a growth barrier and now have the speed and flexibility to get products in front of customers almost instantaneously.” Joel Katz, COO of Ashford.

“As our business evolves we need the right tools to help us keep pace. We looked at a number of products at all levels and Heiler made the most sense.” Mike McCue, IT Director of Klein Tools. We needed a single source for all of our catalog data that had the right mix of flexibility and ease of use.

Overcome five obstacles to omnichannel success.

How Informatica PIM helped a Netherlands-based distributor of building supplies enhance its multichannel experience and get products to market faster.

Informatica PIM provides a central location for managing and maintaining product information and digital assets. This includes, but is not limited to, workflows, business processes management, the creation of products, data validations, and more.

How PIM can help you expand your business.

A demonstration of how Vibe’s map once, deploy anywhere capability lets you embed data quality rules within Informatica PIM.

How product data quality maps to your business goals.

The organizational and process changes you need to implement for a successful PIM rollout.

Build an assortment strategy that boosts margins.

How quality product information leads to higher margins.

Informatica PIM provides retailers, distributors and manufacturers with an end-to-end, transparent process along the product information supply chain. Informatica PIM controls company-internal data management and data integration, including omnichannel commerce.

Product Information Management (PIM) is how you take the headache out of handling that data. Welcome to the PIM resource hub, your first port of call for PIM best practices. Product information sells.

Why manual PIM is incredibly bad for business.

Are information and connectivity more crucial than physical products?

Why product information isn’t dull data.

What customers are saying about Informatica PIM.

“We’re eager to streamline our content process for adding new products to our growing website." Ken Plumlee, President and CEO of Lumens Light + Living.

What is product information