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Zopiclone - Sleep problems - Health Forums

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Like any drug, the more frequently you use it the more resistance your body will build up. Hiya, yep I've been on the 7.5mg on and off for about 6 months now.I say on and off as I don't think it's a good idea to take it just as a matter of course, I normally try to get off to sleep naturally and if that's not working I take a pill. I did once take 2 in desperation and felt like cr*p the next day so not advisable! 16:09.

09:25 Zopiclone.

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23:00. Didn't find it did much, maybe made my sleep a bit less restless, most noticeable effect was the bitter taste in my throat that lasted for days!! Think Zopiclone is one of the less addictive hypnotics, altho obv it is still addictive. Was on 3.75mg Zopiclone to help my switch-over from Paroxetine to Sertraline.

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am been on them for 5 days now and the only problem ive had is talking in my sleep but thats not my problem i just keep my boyfriend awake (please dont do what i did and have a acholic drink and take one it will feel like you had 6 times the amount you had to drink) 20:45.

I did fall asleep but I don;t think it was to do with the sleeping tablet it all honesty. Anyone else have problems of this not working? 16:50. I was prescribed a 3.75mg dose but 3 hours after taking it was still wide awake so I took another 1 which is the highest dose. Anyone take this? I was prescribed it yesterday but was rather nervous about taking it as I know of it's addictiveness.

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11:03. It's more of a relaxant then a sleeper. And you can't take it then walk round, you have to actually go to bed within about 10mins of taking it then try to sleep, you will find they are much more helpfull then.

I''ve been taking zopiclone 7.5mg sporadically for a few years now..I find they work fine but i usually don't take them every night, only when i feel the need as i work shifts..I gat 10 per month from my gp..i think if i used them every night they probably wouldnt be as effective, i know some people this has happened to and have upped their dosage to get the same effect..i would be very wary of doing that.

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The most noticeable thing is I'm not waking up every hour. The first night I took it, it made me feel like I was drunk and went to sleep very quick. I was tempted to take 2 but I was too scared I'd be asleep all day lol. I'm worried now that when these finish I'll just go back to how I was 23:07. She was very reluctant to prescribe them but when I broke down in tears she gave in. Tuesday took me an hour but without the drunk feeling. I was prescribed this on Monday. Got the 7.5mg aswell because Dr said there was a risk of getting addicted if the dose was higher. But last night I was wide awake for hours.

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03:44. yes iv been on zopiclone 7,5mg for about 3 months now,iv ha problems with sleeping since my dad granma died, sometimes they work within hr of taking them but at times they dont work at all, i am on medication for epilepsey so i do have to be careful, when i find myself wide awke after iv taken 1, i will take another, when i was in hospital they gave me tamazapam as it was more effective, but i wouldnt take it long term as i prob be addicted to that.

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17:54. hi, I am on zoplicone but i am on the 7.5mg i found the lower dose does not work very well either even on taking double dosage.but since goimg on to the higher dose i have found within an hour i get a good 8hours sleep.maybe these are just not strong enough to help u, dont hesitate to go back to your doc and l them this am sure trying other types of sleepers you will find one suitable for u.

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good luck 19:27. hi i was on the 7.5mg of zopiclone now the dr just today has put me on 10mg temazepam see how i go on them for a while if your needing to take 2 3.5mg then it might be worth while just having another chat to your dr see if he/she will up the dose.

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